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Liquip North Queensland are industry leader in the design and supply of bulk liquid storage, dispensing and transfer system solutions. Today many mining operations, municipalities and private enterprises are managing their hydrocarbons and running associated equipment more cost-effectively and smarter with the help of our expertise and experience.

Add to this our extensive range of HOST Self Bunded Tank options, fitted with customised with state-of-the-art pumping and dispensing systems designed by our in house team of expert technicians and engineers, you'll learn that onsite storage, dispensing and management of unleaded fuel, diesel, AdBlue (DEF), waste liquids and lubricants has never been easier or simpler.





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Tanker Bottom

Liquip offers a wide range of equipment for use below the centerline of the tanker. Liquip API adaptors, coupling reducers, emergency bottom valves, manifolds and other core products are engineered to be safe, clean and fast. These superior products, designed for fluid processing, transporting, loading and unloading, set the standard for real-world performance. Even in the most rigorous and demanding applications, Liquip components move product with ease and without loss.

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Tanker Accessories

Smaller components make a major impact on road tanker performance. Liquip engineers all of its accessory equipment including: sightglasses, butterfly valves, camlock fittings, product drop elbows, Hazchem signs and rollover sensors to ensure operator safety, ease of use and the highest level of performance. Long-term durability makes Liquip tanker accessories an investment in your fleet.

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Metering, Dispensing & Gauging

Automatic tank gauging, monitoring and overfill prevention during the loading and unloading of hazardous liquid products is critical to effective tanker operation. Liquip metering, dispensing and gauging equipment provide best-in-class petro-chemical performance, while protecting site personnel and the environment. Liquip’s latest development the Swift delivery system ensures you use advanced measuring and gauging technology and get accurate delivery results.

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Tanker Overfill Systems

The design of Liquip Tanker Overfill Systems combines unparalleled electronic overfill detection with easy installation and operation for overfill monitoring and protection for hazardous liquid tank trucks. These overfill systems can detect the style of sensor used in tankers, the state of the product in the tank, an overfill situation and can also verify the grounding condition.

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Tanker Top

Liquip delivers top-notch solutions for secure and efficient handling and transportation of petroleum products and hazardous fluids. Our lineup of equipment for use above the centerline of the tanker includes: manholes, vapour recovery vents, dip tube, fill tubes and other integral tanker components.

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We offer an extensive range of petrochemical management solutions and have had experience delivering projects for mining, government, defence, aviation and marine companies and organisations.


If you have a project or requirement related to bulk liquid transfer or storage, please contact us today.
We're confident we can assist you with the most cost-effective and safest method to achieve it.





Now you can more safely transfer and manage aggressive, corrosive and reactive chemicals. Many of Liquip's proven range of overfill protection probes, chemical bottom valves, and chemical truck and terminal couplers can now be ordered with of FFKM seals (a perfluroelastomer commonly known as Ekraz or Kalrez), making them suitable and safe to use with harsh chemical compounds.



Did you know we can assist with...
  • Equipment Meter Calibrations
  • Hose Testing and supply
  • Tank Monitoring Systems
Yes, we do more than offer expert hydrocarbon management and supply solutions.

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