Equipment Calibration Service


We understand the value of correctly calibrated liquid flow equipment and its importance to compliance.

Whether you need testing and calibration to meet compliance or hold a concern that your liquid flow equipment might be measuring/metering incorrectly Liquip North Queensland offers a dedicated NMI approved equipment calibration service. As a business who specialises in hydrocarbon transfer storage and transfer systems, we understand the importance of accuracy and compliance of liquid flow equipment.

Our capabilities and set-up allow us to calibrate a comprehensive range of liquid flow equipment either on site or at our Townsville facility. From water, oil and fuel meter calibrations through to the calibration of mass flow meters and hydraulic flow meters, we can assist. 

Our on-site instrumentation calibration services helps to avoid delays, interruptions and excessive downtime that can hurt your productivity and profit margins. It also helps cut costs associated with longer service times and with relocating your equipment for testing.

Calibration services are performed according to strict quality control standards, with consistent attention to detail. Where required equipment calibrations can be conducted to comply to NMI standards and support documentation can be provided.

For more information on our equipment calibration service and how we can help your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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