Road Tanker Fuel Transfer Systems


Safe, cost-effective and state-of-the-art road tanker hydrocarbon transfer systems are our speciality.

For many years here at Liquip North Queensland we've been delivering cost-effective, specialist fuel transfer systems for the bulk liquid transport industry. With direct access to Liquip Equipment Parts, the world's best fuel transfer, storage and monitoring systems, our team of experts can custom design, manufacture, install, test and deliver the ideal solution for your bulk liquid transport tanker. Our solutions are developed in close consultation with customers, ensuring they not only meet specific requirements, but also meet all the necessary state and industry regulations and requirements.

Today sees us delivering tanker solutions not just for neighbouring states and territories here in Australia, but also overseas in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Fiji, Solomon Island, Manus Island. Importantly Liquip North Queensland's experience in tanker fit-outs also covers tanker dispensing solutions for diesel, ULP, AdBlue, Jet-A1 and Avgas, and extends to lubricants, oils, chemicals and foodstuffs.

Why we use and insist on original Liquip Road Tanker Parts?

Liquip's range of Road Tanker loading, discharge and venting equipment parts, is arguably the most extensive product line up available in the world from one manufacturer. All Liquip components are manufactured to comply with strict international codes and standards, and are tailored to suit local requirements here in Australia. These functionally designed, easy to use products have become a trusted name in providing quality and reliability at a world class standard. Through attention to detail and working closely with end users, Liquip are constantly making improvements in safety and efficiency when it come their range of Road Tanker Equipment Parts.

We specialise in more than new tanker set-ups and fit-outs.

Operating and maintaining Road Tankers requires a large investment. At Liquip North Queensland we take great pride in our ability to ensure tanker fleets, larger or small, are serviced or repaired to the necessary standards as fast as possible – without compromise. Our aim is to get these critical vehicles back in operation in the shortest possible timeframe so businesses can once again start making returns on their investment and prevent downtime losses.
At Liquip North Queensland
our services extends to: 

> Prime Mover General Servicing.
> Service and Maintenance of Liquip Equipment and Components.
> Internal/External Barrel Repairs.
> Suspension Servicing & Repairs.
> Tanker Servicing.
> Degassing management off-site.

> SLP Inspections & Hydro-tests.
> Tanker Dispensing System Repairs.
> Meter Repairs and Meter Servicing.
> Diptronics Service and Repair.
> API and Drybreak Service and Repairs.
> Electronic and Pneumatic Repairs.
> Overfill System Diagnostics and Repairs (Scully and others).
> Meter, Pump and Hose Reel installation, replacement and repairs.
> Calibration and Certification of Bulk Flow Metering Systems
> Supply & testing of Fuel Delivery
& Vapour Hoses
> Diptronic Road Tanker Installations and Repairs.
> Bowser, Dispenser and
Fuel Pump repairs.
> Pump reconditioning.

Liquip North Queensland fuel dispensing system repairs

Workshop Servicing and Repairs

At our workshop located in Townsville we offer servicing, repair and scheduled maintenance works on all types of Tanker Trucks and Prime Movers, used in hydrocarbon bulk liquid storage transfers. We also service and repair tanker filling and dispensing systems, fuel management equipment and tank gauging systems.

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Liquip NOrh Queensland liquid part maintenance

Off-site Servicing and Repairs

Our service team of mechanics and auto electricians are skilled, certified and trained in all aspects of electrical, hydraulic, calibration, pumping and meter servicing. If you need work completed outside general business hours or after hours our on-site service division can work around the clock to complete any repairs and servicing off site at you place of business or a breakdown location.

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Road Tanker Project Gallery


Does one of your tanker fleet need servicing, recalibration or a dispensing system installed? Call the experts at Liquip North Queensland.

With over 120 years combined industry experience, the team here at Liquip North Queensland can help.  We're a one-stop-shop when it comes to advice, equipment, service, design, implementation and support related to fluid handing and hydrocarbon storage and dispensing.

Call us now on 1800LIQUIP or take the time to send us an e-mail via our contact form outlining your specific question or requirement. We're here to help!